About us

What is CompareBuddy?

CompareBuddy is an online platform that compares the home broadband deals in your area and suggests the best broadband provider to you. There are many broadband providers, and there are many plans available from these providers. We make it easy for you by recommending the best plan suitable for your needs, at the same time keeping the broadband costs down. We can say that CompareBuddy is your best partner for saving your broadband costs. Our comparison tool avails the benefit of the best fiber plans in the UK. With CompareBuddy best broadband comparison for best broadband deals is guaranteed.

CompareBuddy operates online in online mode through its platform. We don’t have any retail partners neither we operate in a direct sales model. Hence, beware if someone else is selling broadband plans claiming our brand name.

CompareBuddy doesn’t limit itself only to home broadband plans, but also provides the best plans for businesses as well. Businesses and Corporates can contact our team to get the best deals.



Our comparison is completely AI-driven, which shows the best deals with the best features available in your area. This ensures you not only get the best deal, but also a broadband service as per our requirement.

Neutral & Independent

The pricing shown on the portal is completely independent and neutral. The prices are updated several times a day. CompareBuddy doesn’t endorse any broadband services provider, rather it neutrally shows a comparison of the broadband deals in the UK.


Our platform is completely secure. The information which we collect is stored as per the
latest data security standards. Also, data is stored as per the consent given by the users. Refer to our privacy policy and cookies policy.

User Friendly

Our interface is user-friendly and simple. With a few simple clicks, and with few required information, the best UK internet plans will be displayed on the screen.

More About Us

CompareBuddy never earns revenue from broadband customers. We earn from broadband service providers when we refer a new customer to them. There is an agreed fee or commission the broadband service provider pays

CompareBuddy is completely trustable with legitimate information shared on its website. There are no hidden fees, and we only charge a marginal fee from the broadband service providers as referral fees. Our trusted reviews can be found online endorsed by several users who have benefitted from CompareBuddy’s best internet deals.

CompareBuddy was formed a decade back in 2021 with the motto of providing the best UK internet plans to UK households. The UK is a very lucrative market for broadband service providers, owing to its large subscriber base and different category of subscribers that exists. That is why the UK is flooded with so many broadband service providers. CompareBuddy was formed with a mission to make the life of broadband subscribers easy by providing the best internet deals.