Cookies policy

CompareBuddy uses cookies to collect different information that improves the overall user experience. Cookies will be placed in your device, and cookie consent will be collected through the ‘Cookies Popup Box’. If you decline the Cookies Popup box, no cookies will be placed on your device. Also, cookies will not be saved on your device, if cookies are blocked by the device browser. Key information collected through cookies include the following:

  • Device IP Address
  • Device UID
  • Device OS
  • Device Location
  • Carrier Details

Cookies are distinct files in text format that contains certain information which is downloaded to the device, once you visit the device and accept the cookies policy. CompareBuddy only manages the first-party cookies and doesn’t manage any third-party cookies.

Cookies are used for certain tasks or jobs. It primarily helps to retain the user preferences. Cookies also make navigation between different pages smooth. It improves the overall user experience. It also ensures that banners you might see on the website are relevant to your interests. Through the cookies, we also analyze how you use our website. This is done through analytical cookies.

The information collected from the cookies can be used for identifying the user behavior and serve content as per user preference or behavior. This includes generating content as per user profile or suggesting content as per profile. The information collected through cookies is those which are legally permitted and allowed.

There might be cookies, trackers, or web beacons from third-party sites which are embedded with the main website. This might include cookies from ISPs, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc. These cookies help to develop our web analytics and track the statistics of the website.

As soon as a visitor visits the website, he gets a popup box that collects the cookie’s consent. If the user doesn’t give cookie consent, the cookies will not be saved on the local device.

  • Performance cookies
  • First party cookies
  • Third-party cookies
  • Essential cookies
  • Functionality cookies
  • Advertisement cookies
  • Social media cookies
Please contact us today, if you have any questions about our cookies policy.