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Guide to broadband fiber Usage Charges in the UK

Often phrases like “unlimited internet”, “fair usage policy”, “high-speed internet”, “data bytes” could be extremely confusing, and on most occasions, these terms are a marketing gimmick. As a customer, you might not be aware of the price you pay for your broadband usage. At the end of the month, you should not get surprised by your internet bill. In this article, we will share a few details on data usage, and how the resultant cost is calculated based on your usage. Let this be your snippet guide to broadband fiber usage charges in the UK.

Unlimited Broadband: Is your broadband unlimited? Unlimited data usage is not truly unlimited, as they are governed by a fair usage policy. Today, most broadband service providers have “truly unlimited internet”. But, when you check somewhere at the bottom you will find that it’s written subjected to terms and conditions. These terms and conditions often refer to the fair usage policy. But, this is not that bad as well. If you are using your broadband for daily activities, such as watching movies, browsing, downloading movies & games, or even playing music, this not going to consume a huge chunk of data. But, think of a scenario where you are downloading around 50 GB each day, then definitely it’s a breach of fair usage policy. At a certain point of time after such usage, you might find your broadband connection is limited.

Fair Usage policy: You might have read this phrase many times, but let us explain what this is. Fair usage policy defines your download limit as part of your broadband usage contract. However, no broadband company will ever publish what is the download limit as per fair usage policy. This limit is often kept confidential. However, if the usage is too high then you might get an email from the service provider, that your service is limited now. In most cases, broadband analyses the usage for a certain period, before limiting the internet. It must be noted that a fair usage policy is different from a data cap. Data cap limits the data for daily usage as per the broadband agreement or contract.

Which broadband is costly? The charges for the broadband depend on the type of connection you are using. Because the type of connection determines the speed of the internet. So, if you are looking for an economic standard option, then ASDL connection can be availed, at a much lower cost. If you need a faster connection, then you can opt for a full-fiber connection which will be much faster, but the cost will be higher. While mobile internet can be availed for better flexibility, often data packs for mobile internet are costly, and they might not be available everywhere. The availability will be based on the coverage provided by the mobile service provider.

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