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How good internet will help your children in schooling (Remote schooling)

Bad internet connections could be the real disappointments in this pandemic era. Most of the activities have shifted to home, such as home office, home school, and even home training. Everything nowadays can happen from home, which is the new normal. However, this becomes a hassle-free experience if the connectivity is good. If the connectivity this could become an absolute pain. This can be more painful, where live interaction is required such as homeschooling. With a bad connection or poor broadband connection, children might lose interest in homeschooling.

Home Schooling or Remote Schooling in the UK.
In the UK most of the providers have taken multiple steps that will benefit homeschooling. This includes free data, student packages, and even concessional rates. For example, BT started providing 20 GB of free extra data, to make remote schooling affordable. No doubt, these initiatives have helped the students a lot who are studying through remote schooling. The lockdown restrictions have kept the children away from school. This made remote schooling the only option for the children to pursue their studies. However, students faced multiple difficulties to avail homeschooling. Primarily, the unavailability of the devices was a concern. Secondly, poor connectivity was a major challenge, especially in rural areas. The UK government received a lot of criticisms for the lack of accessibility of remote schooling to the students.

Challenges faced by the remote schooling students
There are multiple challenges faced by remote schooling students. First and foremost, students faced slow connectivity, mostly in the rural areas where connectivity options are not best. Speed was also slow as most of the students opted for a limited speed package. As a result, the live streaming of video will often get frozen for a few moments. Sometimes it will remain frozen, and one might have to reconnect. Similarly, there will be intermittent disconnection issues as well, which could be annoying at a time.

Internet connection for Remote Schooling
As we mentioned online schooling or remote schooling is the new normal, and this is going to stay here for some time. Primarily, one needs a sound and reliable internet connection for remote schooling. Anything between 50 to 100 Mbps should be fine. More than 100 Mbps would be better. Always check the upload and download speed, the average should be always around 50 Mbps. With higher speed, the video will not keep on freezing or stalling, and one can do remote schooling hassle-free. One of the best options will be to opt for a fiber optic connection. It provides good speed, as well as it is reliable. Lastly, the device should be upgraded enough to support high speed, which means you need to get a device with the latest connectivity options and adequate memory.

Getting the best internet plan
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