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1. Definitions

On this website, the term “you”, “your”, and “yours” refer to the user, broadband customer, or the purchaser, who will visit the site to avail of the services offered by the site. The terms, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to the CompareBuddy

2. Changes to Terms of Use

CompareBuddy  holds the right to delete,modify or add the Terms of Use, and you as a visitor of the website you need to abide and agree to those changes, while you avail the services of the site. Changes will come into effect immediately as soon as they are made. Changes can be done by posting on this site itself or communicating through electronic communication such as email. You are bound to abide as well as agree to the changes made to Terms of Use, as you visit the website, and avail its services.

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The site can be accessed lawfully by the general public who are aged above 18, the access to the is site is limited and nonexclusive. It is non-transferable. The contents on the site are solely for personal usage, and you or you cant allow to reproduce, sell, license, modify or rent these contents. The content cannot be used for public display, distribution, or transmission commercially. The content cannot be transferred to any other website, person, organization, or any other entity. This includes transmitting through electronic modes such as upload, email, or file share, or even through physical modes such as printouts. The site should not be used in a manner that could cause damage, bring disrepute, spam the site or even infect the site with trojans or viruses. The user should not obstruct or develop any kind of obstacle to other users who are using this site. The site cannot be used for disseminating materials that could be used for threatening, pornographic purpose, fraudulent activities, soliciting funds, terrorism, and advertising. Certain contents on the site are restricted from general access, and trying to access these contents or accessing these contents, will be treated as unauthorized access. Violations of the terms mentioned in this section will lead to legal action from CompareBuddy.

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5. Links & Third-Party Websites

On the website of CompareBuddy there will be links to certain third-party websites. These third-party websites can be identified through a change of URL. The contents on the third-party website might be used or might not be used by the CompareBuddy. CompareBuddy is not liable for guiding you to a third party website, or providing an alert while you enter a third party website from a link on the website of CompareBuddy. The third-party website links are not deemed as an endorsement by CompareBuddy, neither they are recommended nor promoted by CompareBuddy. As a user, you agree that you are using these third-party websites at your own risk, and CompareBuddy is in no way liable for any damage caused by these third-party sites. The third-party sites will have their terms of usage, and as a user, you are expected to abide by them.

6. Submission of Information

CompareBuddy has got its security framework for its website, however, it doesn’t guarantee any security for the information transmitted from or to its site, this also includes the information generated or sent to third-party sites. This is also applicable to the submission of critical information such as credit card details, which will be transmitted to a third-party gateway for processing. As a user, you are deemed to use the credit card details or any other sensitive information at your own risk.

7. Agreement to Privacy Policy

CompareBuddy completely respect your privacy. Please visit the privacy policy section of CompareBuddy. When you access this site, it is deemed that you have given consent for collection of personal information, use of personal information, and disclosure of personal information wherever necessary as per the privacy policy. The privacy policy is subjected to constant revision, and any change in the policy will be notified with immediate effect.