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In the UK there are more than 200 internet service providers. When it is searched with your zip code, you might get more than that. In the end, you get completely confused amongst this huge crowd of internet service providers. There are high probabilities that you mind end up with the wrong internet plan. An internet plan might be costly, and might not meet your requirements. Often we fall for those cheezy lines by the broadband providers without even checking what the plan even offers. This could be something like “unlimited wifi plans for home”, or maybe “cheap internet deals”. However, as soon as buy your plan after reading those catchy lines, you find that this is not what you wanted. There might be data limits, or hidden charges, or even slow internet. Don’t let this happen to you. CompareBuddy brings the best wifi deals right here. Your search for your best internet deals ends here.

Get your best home broadband deals that are made for your requirements. Are you still paying for your home broadband, which doesn’t have unlimited wifi plans for home? Does your broadband has have the best speed? Are you still paying more to get additional data? These are the question that can be because of worry over time. Getting the best UK internet plans has never been easy. With CompareBuddy we not only bring the best UK Internet plans but also the plan that suits your requirement. There is no single fit for all requirements as each requirement is different. CompareBuddy helps you to compare different UK internet plans available in your area. You get the best UK Internet plan that perfectly suits your requirements. CompareBuddy performs an internet plan comparison that helps you to choose the best broadband plan.

Frequently Ask Questions

CompareBuddy never earns revenue from broadband customers. We earn from broadband service providers through affiliate marketing Flexoffers, when we refer a new customer to them. There is an agreed fee or commission the broadband service provider pays

With CompareBuddy, you can compare all kinds of Home Broadband services in your area. This ranges from standard ADSL-based broadband to high-speed fiber broadband, and even Wi-Fi broadband. Let’s check out some of the broadband types we compare:

  • ADSL Broadband: ADSL is the most basic form of broadband available today. It is delivered over traditional phone lines. It is the cheapest but at the same time, it is the slowest as well. The download speeds are variable. It is the best budget option.
  • Fibre Optic Broadband: Fiber Optic is the fastest form of broadband available today. It is reliable and with great download speeds. It’s a perfect choice for large families where multiple gadgets are required to be connected. It is also the best option for streaming online videos and, play online games.
  • Wireless Broadband: Wireless broadband is delivered through 4G technology. However, you can available wireless broadband only if your area is covered by 4G.
  • Mobile Broadband: Mobile broadband enables you to carry your broadband wherever you go. This makes use of the mobile internet, as used by smart devices.

Some of the key providers we compare are listed below:

  • Now TV
  • Community Fibre
  • DirectSave Telecom
  • Hyperoptic
  • Plusnet
  • Vodaphone
  • Xln

Often, the service provider provides attractive tariffs for the first year to attract subscribers. But, as soon as you renew your yearly subscription at the end of the initial year you will be charged on the default tariff. Moreover, in the subsequent years, there will be necessary hikes in tariffs. In a few years, you will realize you are paying more for the same service which a user of CompareBuddy paying incredibly less. That is why you should switch to the best broadband deals in your area. CompareBuddy makes this easy by helping to search for the best UK internet plans in your area. Switch with CompareBuddy today, and save on your broadband bills.

There are many reasons why should you choose CompareBuddy. Let’s list some of them for you.

  • Discover cheap internet plans.
  • Switch to the best broadband plans with us and save on your bill.
  • Use our quick search tool to discover the best home broadband deals in your area.
  • Our service is completely free.


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